Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

Along with the classically-styled variants that were inspried by its iconic namesake from the 1960s, this new version of the INT 650 moves the styling forward by a decade, into the 1970s. Built with a perfect balance of style and performance, it’s a modern classic that retains the essence and appearance of an authentic Britisth roadster, but with a splash of sun-soaked California.

Blacked Out

The all-new, all-black INT 650 featuresw a blacked out engine and exhaust that unite the aesthetics of the motorcycle, seamlessly fusing with its chassic and keeping the spotlight on its take for a look that is guaranteed to make hearts race and heads turn. 

At The Heart Of It All

The INT 650 is powered by Royal Enfield’s legendary parallel twin cylinder engine, backed with an air/oil-coooled oparallet twin configuration. The 658cc engine offers 47 horsepower at 7150 RPM and a maximum of 54 Mn of torque at 5250 RPM. A smooth throttle response throughout the rev range ensures sufficient power to make light work of the city traffic or cruise effortlessly along the open roads.

Smooth Operator

The INT 650’s wide handlebar and confidence-inspiring riding position have been engineered for comfor with a lad-back attitude. Together, they help the rider make the most of the agile chassis and feel connected to the machine. With a 24-degree rake angle and 106 mm of travel, the motorcycle feels nimble inthe city, planted on the highways, and confident on windy roads. 


LED Headlamp

The new headlamp combines old-school aesthetics with modern LED lights for increased visibility.

Cast Alloy Wheels

Striking cast alloy wheels on the blacked-out variants come with tubeless tires, giving you peace of mind even on long rides. (Non-blacked out variants come with tube-type spoked wheels)

Premium Switches

Crafted using aluminium, the all-new switches come with an improved grip and feel. 

USB Port

On-the-go charging keeps you connected to the world, no matter where you are or where you’re headed. 

Tried-and-tested Suspension

Finely-tuned suspension with piggy-back gas charged twin shocks makes for an optimum blend of comfort and feel in all riding environments.


MSRP $6,149*


MSRP $6,149*


MSRP $6,349*


MSRP $6,349*


MSRP $6,849*


MSRP $6,849*

*3 year unlimited mile warranty & road side assistance with the purchase of any Twins model. MSRP does not include dealer fees, tax, title, license. 
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