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Every color of 650 twin in stock
(INT650 and Continental GT)

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The quintessential modern classic roadster – that’s a blast to ride on twisty back roads, highways, or the urban jungle, with equal ease and grace, for novices and experienced riders alike.


England, 1960s. Young men and women flock around cafes on their stripped down motorcycles, creating a culture high on style. The Continental GT is a nod to that time. The machine with a story takes one back to the time when motorcycling was all about making a statement. Watch the film to relive the cultural phenomenon that refuses to fade away.


Decades of expeditions. Thousands of kilometers of traversing the most challenging terrain. Years of living and evolving with a machine that responds to the mountains. That’s how we made the Himalayan, our first dual-purpose motorcycle. Here is how it was built to be tough, versatile, and adaptable to all kind of terrain.

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